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Polyurethane Garage Floor Coating Benefits

Just like epoxy, Polyurethane Garage Floor Coating is a polymer thermosetting and is considered as a highly durable coating. This is commonly called as urethane, though it’s technically incorrect and there’s a very big different between the urethane and polyurethane in garage works. So, if you notice someone is selling a urethane coating, it’s most likely polyurethane.

Of the various available formulations, the aliphatic polyurethane is the most preferred for the garage floors. Even though they’re approximately 60% – 70% solids depending on who’s the manufacturer, having a polyurethane coating will provide 2mils to 3 mils thickness, which can’t possibly be adjusted by using an epoxy. Don’t let the thickness of thinner dry film fool you. Polyurethane Garage Floor Coating has more flexibility as compared to epoxy and it aids in better absorption of impacts. It’s also much more resistant to scratch and abrasion. As a matter of fact, some of the manufacturer claims that the polyurethane’s wear resistance over the epoxy in garage works is almost 3 is to 1, respectively. The chemical resistance is also better as compared to epoxy and also includes resistance to the solvents like methylene chloride, which is a main ingredient in paint removers or strippers.

Another advantage of having a Polyurethane Garage Floor Coating over the epoxy coating is that its UV stable, which means it won’t turn to yellow like epoxy when being exposed to even small amounts of sunlight. The polyurethane surface is not a hard as the epoxy but it’s much resistant to scratch, can largely tolerates temperature swings, and handles humidity, which is better for garage works. Polyurethane is also available in various finishes from very glossy to satin.

Even though the polyurethane has numerous advantages over the epoxy, it doesn’t mix well to the concrete flooring and the thickness of its thin dry film is not working well as self-leveling coating in order to fill in the small divots and cracks in the floor. Another consideration before the Polyurethane Garage Floor Coating application is to use respirator as most of the polyurethane are solvent based, which means they can possibly have high VOCs.

So, what is much better, epoxy or polyurethane? Many people believed that you’ll get maximum results and performance by using both of them together for garage works floor coating. Using epoxy to build up the thickness of the floor then following up with the application of polyurethane to protect it and as a clear coat will give you much satisfying results. Polyurethane will help protect the epoxy floor from yellowing against sunlight and will also provide more scratch resistant and long wearing surface.

So, unless you’re merely doing a single-coat epoxy coating for garage floor, a polyurethane Garage Floor Coating and epoxy combination is almost the perfect answer in order to experience the maximum combined benefit of the two materials or products. This is the perfect garage works which will provide you high performing garage floor coating that will definitely stand up to the harshness of a daily working garage even after the years to come.

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