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The Best Concrete Coating for Garage Floors Chandler Arizona

The Best Concrete Coating for Garage Floors

So you have finally decided to better your garage floor by adding color and flooring coatings, and you want to have the best garage concrete coating that won’t easily break the bank, must easy to apply and very reliable. With too many products that are available nowadays, it can be hard to make a good decision on which is the best to be purchased. So let’s take a look at which coating is best for your concrete garage floor and why.

One of the best things about epoxy garage coatings is that it has relatively inexpensive cost that can completely change your garage looks as compared to other garage flooring coatings. But first and foremost, we need to ensure that this concrete coating is the one you are looking for and is not actually paint. If you are not sure of their difference, then take your time to learn about the paint vs. epoxy.

Paint vs. Epoxy

Paint is not as durable as other garage floor coating options. So if durability and reliability is the ones you consider, it would be best to choose the epoxy paint. The main reason why epoxy paint is the best option for your garage flooring coatings is that it can provide you durability, reliability and looks. Epoxy concrete coating, when mixed with paint can provide a kind of coating that’s much more resistant to mildew and olds, gasoline stains, chemicals, chipping, scuff marks, and oil. Epoxy paint also works perfectly with concrete, much better than other coating options as it also helps with hot tire pick up and with resisting peeling.

The typical latex acrylic coating needs to be painted over or retouched about once a year or depending on how often the garage is used or vehicle traffic it sees. The epoxy flooring coatings can last twice longer than the typical paints for concrete coating which can save your more money and effort.

What you need to do in case of the hot tire pick up?

Unlike the good epoxy coatings, most of the garage floor paints are likely to experience hot tire pick up eventually in their lifespan. When the hot tires sit on typical paint, the heat will soften the bond the paint has on concrete. Eventually, the tire’s footprint will constrict as it cools down which causes the paint to adopt the tire’s footprint. The next time you leave your garage, you’ll end up with a bare spot where your car’s tire was.

This can be avoided through the use of epoxy flooring coatings as these are much durable than the usual paints applied as concrete coating. You can possibly use some alternatives when you happen to have the usual paint coating on your garage floor by placing a mat under your car’s tires. Doing this may also prevent you from being frustrated from this very annoying characteristic of latex paint.

If you’re into durability and reliability, it would be wiser to choose the epoxy garage coatings as this can provide you a much better and longer service than the latex paints, saving you from all the troubles, as well as your time and money.


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