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How to Do Epoxy Garage Coatings

How to Do Epoxy Garage Coatings

Epoxy garage coatings are a creative and effective idea to boost the life of your garage area. This must be one of the most durable finishes, which you can apply to your garage floor. Through putting some epoxy coats on the floor, you can efficiently turn your garage floor like an extension of the living area in your house by adding some color to it.

The good thing about coating some epoxy on the garage is that it hides imperfections and wears resistance at the same time. By doing that, you are giving people a good impression about your garage and to the house as a whole. Generally, you can transform your lifeless and dull garage area into a brilliant, alive, and colorful room through a professional, quality, and durable epoxy floor finish.

The first thing that you need to do is evaluate or examine your floor. You have to remember that epoxy is a long lasting and a tough coating that can stay for years. You can keep your floor as brilliant and attractive as possible for a long weekend. The only problem is that, not all floors can manage holding the coating for long. In this case, you have to assess the condition of your floor first before doing the coating. Do it by testing the moisture on the concrete. Water pressure tends to wear out the epoxy so you have to be careful with it.

Analyzing the weather and the floor is the next important thing to do. Prior to considering an epoxy coating, you need to test the dampness of the concrete. Once you identified that moisture is present, your garage floor might not be suitable for the coating. If ever the slab is new, you will have to wait for about two months to be able for the floor to completely dry and ready for coating. Take note, paint tends to stick evenly on a dry floor so wait for the right time before you apply the epoxy.

Lastly, see to it that once you are done with the first and second procedures, you will be able to apply the coating properly. Make sure to smoothly apply the epoxy with a paint roller. While it is still wet, you can now spread the chips on the entire surface. You will have to wait overnight for the epoxy to fully dry and that is the time that you can remove the excess on the surfaces for finishing touches. You may use the floor scraper for the process while assuring that you are doing the right job for the best look on your garage floor.

Epoxy coating is a great way of protecting your garage floor. It is also an effective measure of transforming a dull and ugly garage floor into a professional looking one. Since it is the area, where your car may wear faster, you have to protect and maintain it to its best for longer usability. It is very much helpful to seek the help of professionals for this endeavor.

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