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Floor Paint Epoxy: How To Extend The Life Of Your Garage Floor?

Garage epoxy floor is basically known for its incredible durability, which let us hold the notion that epoxy floor can last longer. Though epoxy coating makes floor last longer than the standard coating, at the end of the day, the lifespan of your epoxy floor will depend on how you care for it. Regular cleaning as well as maintenance is needed. Although it is often mentioned how easy it is to clean an epoxy floor, there are still some must-known stuffs that can help prolong its lifespan. Here are the following tips:

1. Clean Up Spills. Spills are inevitable. Although this is not really a huge concern, there are some instances when you should be vigilant enough especially when it comes to strong chemicals and acids. Some topcoats cannot withstand long-term chemical immersion or exposure, thus the spills should be cleared up immediately. Leaving those spills can stain your floor and may even soften the coating.

2. Make sure that equipment’s wheels are maintained. This is crucial on the fork trucks or any equipment that has steel wheels. This type of wheels basically hurt your floor paint epoxy and leave marks and scratches, making your floor look unpleasant.

3. Polish the garage floor with polymer floor-wax, if needed. This helps in filling those minor scratches while restoring the floor’s gloss. This is particularly beneficial if there is high traffic or high abuse on the floor coatings.

4. Regular floor cleaning helps coatings that receive high traffic. It is recommended to use a water-dilatable cleaner and high-siding water-based concentrate. Always test the cleaner prior on using it on the entire floor. Completely rinse after cleaning. Make sure that no residue or film remains.

5. Mechanical-cleaning equipment should be used for heavily-soiled areas of garage epoxy floor.

6. Avoid using hard bristle brushes. This usually dulls the floor coatings.

7. Take precautions when dragging sharp or heavy objects or avoid droppings. Use or carry hand-trucks when transporting pallets, boxes or any other object.

8. Regularly sweep the floor coatings to remove dirt, leaves, stones or any other material which can mark or scratch the garage epoxy floor. This is especially important if the wheeled-traffic traverses the floor’s coating.

9. Put pads on table, chair’s legs or of any other furniture. This will be helpful for preventing scratches and scuff marks on epoxy coatings.

10. Don’t use paint strippers or cleaners with Methylene Chloride because this chemical is specifically formulated to remove urethanes and epoxies.

Just keep these tips in mind when maintaining or cleaning your garage epoxy floor. Through this, you will more likely keep your floor dazzling and beautiful. With proper care, your epoxy garage floor will surely last longer.

If you are just planning to use floor paint epoxy on your floor, then Precise Garage Works is here to help you out. With high quality materials and expert team, you’ll have the excellent garage floor that you deserve. For more information, Please visit or call 480-382-9690 to schedule a free estimate today!

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