Epoxy Garage Coatings: Improving the Life of Your Garage Floor Scottsdale Arizona

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Epoxy Garage Coatings: Improving the Life of Your Garage Floor

If you are looking for an awesome way to prolong the life of your garage floor and protect it from further damages and abrasion, adding an epoxy garage coatings is one of the best solution at hand. As we all know, garage floors become nasty and old over the time as stains, grease, oils, cracks and chipped surface started to show, which in return becoming an eyesore. So to make a remedy, having a good garage floor coating can bring a big difference to get your floor surface back to its alluring form again—or even much better. Compared to concrete floorings, epoxy garage coatings are more resistant to wear and tear, cracks, abrasion, climatic changes, and bears greater strength and durability than an ordinary paint.

Whether it is for industrial, commercial or other uses, epoxy garage coatings are applicable for any type of application. In fact, it has been widely used for restaurants quartz broadcast floors, hospital floors, aircraft hangars, machine shops and car showroom as it is more durable and can withstand damages over years. Apart from that, epoxy garage coatings also comes in variety of colors and texture, thus making it a good choice if you are planning to match your garage floor to the color of your interior, furniture or even from your own personal choice. Epoxy coatings are comprised of two chemical compound: the base and the curing agent—which are contained in one mixture to give the astounding abilities mentioned above. These 2 components are mixed in definite ratio, where a chemical reaction occurs, thus, causing heat which helps in hardening the inert plastic-like surface that resist abrasion.

Some of the characteristics that an epoxy garage coatings provide are: outstanding chemical resistance, durable, low porosity (things doesn’t easily slip to the coating) and moist-resistant. These characteristics makes epoxy floor coatings a great tool to improve not only the value of your garage door, but also its functionality and looks. Unlike the usual concrete floor coating, epoxy can generally last for approximately 12 to 15 years before it get worn or damaged, therefore, giving your garage floor a long lasting protection that you’ll never get from the typical coating products available in the market. This benefit alone can already save your money from getting a brand new garage door flooring yearly. You can surely guarantee the worth of your investment with superior epoxy garage coatings for your home.

However, working with epoxy garage coatings takes a little skills. Since it’s a chemical compound, it does have a particular shelf life or time when it could be used. Thus, hiring a company that will handle your epoxy coating installation should not be taken for granted. For this reason why Precision Garage Works comes into existence. Whether you need to upgrade your commercial/industrial garage floor, or just wanted to give your garage door a little makeover, this professional company is the best team to call for your exigencies. Get in touch with them and see how Precision Garage Works can transform your home into a whole new level.

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