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Epoxy Garage Coating Tips Phoenix Arizona

Epoxy Garage Coating Tips

Epoxy coatings for garage floors will certainly make your garage much more functional. The coating will provide you a perfect protection against the petroleum and chemical stains. Furthermore, epoxy garage coating is slip resistant and can last much longer time as compared to other coating options. In order to experience these entire benefits, you need to select a good quality epoxy coating and correctly apply it. By following these phoenix epoxy floor application tips, you’ll surely be able to achieve the best possible results.

  1. Choose the solids rather than the solvent-based coatings – according to the expert epoxy garage floor installers, using the solvent-based or epoxy coatings for garage floor can make the surface much more durable, less slippery and more chemical resistant. It’s true that epoxy garage coating paint will require you to mix several ingredients in order to make everything ready, but your effort will surely be paid off.
  2. Prepare a solid step by step action in order to get the best concrete coating – The very first thing that you need to do is to inspect your garage floor surface for damages and cracks. These cases needed to be dealt with before starting to apply your epoxy coatings for garage floor. Also check your concrete floor if it sustains moisture and other relevant cases in dealing with these kinds of problems. Epoxy garage coating should be applied after everything is already settled.
  3. Ensure the best bonding possible between the concrete and coating. The surface of concrete need to have the texture similar to sandpaper. If your surface to too smooth, you need to consider renting a diamond grinder or a shot blaster in order to achieve the kind of texture that you need. If you can’t do this alone, consider hiring the professional epoxy garage floor installers that will handle everything for you.
  4. Before the application of epoxy coatings for garage floor, you need first to perfectly clean the concrete surface. Using a vacuum can remove the entire debris, and using a stiff brush and de-greaser should be able to remove oils and other types of types before applying the epoxy garage coating.
  5. Prepare the room for the painting. Cover any remaining objects in your garage. Apply the painter’s tape in order to cover the edges of walls. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the room is well ventilated. In order to secure an even and quick drying, the room temperature should be around 60 to 80˚F. When applying the epoxy coatings for garage floor, it would be best for air to have a low humidity, so that you can possibly postpone the epoxy garage coating if it’s raining outside.
  6. Finally, if you’re done applying the coating let it dry for at least a day and don’t try to move your car inside the garage for a day after your coating application in order to experience the best possible result for epoxy garage floor.

By following these tips, you will surely achieve the kind of flooring coatings that you want.

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