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Epoxy Floor Options Mesa AZ

The Best Epoxy Garage Floor Options

Looking for the best epoxy garage floor coating systems that is within your budget is not always easy. With too many epoxy products, manufacturers, as well as commercial installers available nowadays, it can really be a real frustration and overwhelming if you’re not aware of what and how an epoxy garage floor finishing system works.

The easiest way to handle this problem is to break down the best options of available epoxy products and understand how they’re installed together as a system. You can decide to buy and install the epoxy yourself or just hire a contractor to handle the entire process of best epoxy garage floor application. Either way, this article will you eliminate the confusion regarding the different garage floor finishing and know the available options in order for you to experience the best epoxy for you garage floor.

There are numerous high-end epoxy brands available nowadays. What you need to consider when looking for the best garage floor coating is the type of epoxy as well as how it will be used to be a part of the system.  Here are what constitutes the basic epoxy systems and products to use in order to have the best epoxy garage floor.

Waterborne Epoxy Paint

As its name implies, this is a water based garage floor finishing, which is easy to apply and has a much longer life as compared to other epoxy products. Its application is as easy as applying a paint, that’s why this is also called as epoxy paint. Waterborne epoxy paint is the most popular product used by the DIY crowd.

If you want to have this epoxy paint further increase its protection and durability, you can use multi-coat kit that act as a second coating or top coat. This can thicken the epoxy from 3mils to 6mils, where you can achieve the best epoxy garage floor.

High Solids Epoxy

The high solids epoxy has the best resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and stains. These products also have high content of solids that promotes completely solid epoxy garage floor finishing. The single coat solid system is much thicker than ordinary epoxies and can to 10mils or more depending on the brand used.  As a matter of fact, this is more durable than the double coating of water based products. This make for a great coat base color to a multi-coat system because of their high build.

Using this kind of product is not usually recommended for DIY use. It would be much better to hire professionals and let them handle the entire process for a guaranteed garage floor satisfaction.

Polyurethane Garage Floor Coating

In order to improve any primary coating, even for the single coat high solids epoxy, using polyurethane or normally called as clear epoxy will do the job. This will add thickness and durability to garage floor as well as deep shine and gloss.

By knowing your different garage floor coating options, you will surely enjoy and achieve the best epoxy garage floor systems.

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