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Epoxy Coating for Garage Floor

Epoxy Coating for Garage Floor

For mechanics, car dealers and auto body shops, garage is one of the most vital work space in your commercial/residential property where you usually carry out your lucrative activity. And since your garage is meant for activities relating to repairing, displaying or storing vehicles, it is inevitable for your garage floor surface to incur abrasion, scratches, chip, marks stains and other damages that could make your floor look untidy and unsightly. Thus, to spruce up your space, investing for epoxy coating for garage floor is one best way that you can do to bring back the allure of your garage, whilst, keeping it functional, clean and looking like brand new. With our epoxy coating products, an overused garage floor can transform your work space into decades of high-performance garage flooring.

We only supply the best and superior brand epoxy coating at our extensive warehouse, thus, giving you with limitless option to choose from. Our first-class epoxy coating is comprised of dense coat and compact layers that offer polished and lustrous look to your floor surface, which in return, providing maximum protection to your garage floor even if you drop your tools or lodge hundreds of vehicle within your garage. Since it is comprised of dense layer coats, our epoxy garage coating can effectively conceal cracks, splits and different imperfection by penetrating even the smallest holes to provide a smooth and even appearance to your floor surface, which in return offering an alluring and sparkling clean floor.

Compared to other epoxy products and garage floor paints out there, our epoxy coating for garage floor has the capacity to provide 300% reflectivity for your floor surface, hence, giving you a brighter showroom and work area without the need to use high powered industrial lighting. Despite of its luster, our epoxy coating products is one of the best coating today that offers non-skid surface, thus preventing falls or slips while working between your projects.

Our epoxy coating for garage floor is specially formulated to provide lustrous, high-quality and dense coating for your floor space, thus, giving you with best result and years of functional and hard wearing coating that has the power to withstand abrasion, scratches, marks and other damages that could affect the beauty of your floor. With latest technology, state of the art tools and best team of experts who works hand in hand to provide you with high quality epoxy garage door installation without any hidden fee or overcharges.

We only hire licensed and qualified individuals to work for us—we never hire out amateur subcontractors and cheap labor at Precision Garage Works, so rest assured that your trust and money will never be placed to waste. Our dedication to quality result is what drives us to serve you better and provide customers with the satisfaction and benefits that they’ll never get from unreliable company. If you are ready to tackle your next project, get in touch with us or Please visit or call 480-382-9690 to schedule a free estimate today!

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Our Guarantee

At Precision Garage Works® we know we have a quality, reliable and time tested product so we give a lifetime warranty on all of our work. We know how important it is to get it done right, the first time. We don’t waste time with lesser quality epoxy coatings; we use a Polyurea/Polyaspartic coating because it is better, stronger, and a more durable coating built to last. Our lifetime warranty covers any peeling, delamination, color fading or floor failure due to workmanship or product failure under normal circumstances. We are also happy to let you know that we provide you with a free 2 year touch up service, if you happen to drop a heavy or sharp tool or chip your floor. Contact us for the complete details regarding our warranty.