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Choosing the right flooring coatings Gilbert

Choosing the right flooring coatings

 Through the years, protecting your flooring coatings becomes an important routine  with the  help of sophisticated  process of certain type  of protective  surfacing or coating.  Its main objective here is to be able to give protection on your slab from being contaminated or  deteriorated or in some way provide  additional benefits like chemical resistance, wear,  aesthetic, physical performance, ease of maintenance and many more. You should always keep in your mind that  there no such surface  within a building which will take more  abuse than  your floor , no matter what type of building you have, be it industrial, commercial or residential.

  You must be aware that there  3 major classification of flooring coating namely epoxy, latex and lastly, polyurethane. Though each of them do have their own chemical  properties and distinctions, their application process is quite similar. You could start on cleaning your concrete floor thoroughly  while degreasing  most of the heavy spots. After that, you could now acid-etch your concrete usually with  a muriatic acid solution for you to provide it with a tooth and  make the pain stick with it. Next, apply the actual flooring coating on any number of steps. For you to better understand this, here are the different types of flooring coating:


 When you say  latex  garage coatings,  they are known as the cheapest option for you to cover  up the grey concrete. Moreover, they  are so easy to apply with and do needs nothing special when it comes on equipment and tools. However, you must expect that you are going to get what you for with it.  And take note using latex will not generally give you an assurance that it is  lift-off resistant. You still need to apply several coats  just to have an even garage floor finishing.


 On the other hand,  epoxy floor coverings do make up most of DIY floor-coating products.  And because you are significantly surrounding your floor right underneath a liquid plastic layer,  epoxy floors could provide you several years  of service as well as be able to withstand  different abuses you throw at them. Its surface finish  is glossy and smooth in general which will give your garage  a brand new and professional look. Its coating do have  high resistance  against chipping, scuffing and chemicals.


  On the other hand,  polyurethane are tailored for industrial standard. It is also known as  one of the best coating solution for every garage, which will see those heavy workshop duty. In addition to this, they are said to be chemical-resistant  than what epoxies can. But then, these type of floor coatings   never go directly right with the concrete however it uses instead the epoxy as the primer coat. Then, poly will be then applied  as the topcoat, which serves as the protection.  

   If you want to know more about these three types of flooring coatings, you can ask us at Precision Garage Work,  one of the leading companies when it comes  on epoxy garage flooring. Visit our website at for detailed information.

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