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Best Epoxy Garage Floor: Advantages to Industrial Set Up Chandler AZ

Best Epoxy Garage Floor: Advantages to Industrial Set Up

Flooring is an essential part of an interior design. In a factory that is set up in which flooring is subject to many tear and wear, the selection of correct flooring is important. It is because it is a part of the partial investment and is most commonly spread all over a large area. Among the most largely used flooring selections is polyurethane garage floor coating. This option is revolving around the facts that epoxy floor coating is requiring minimum maintenance, highly durable, and environmentally friendly. Hence, it is the suggested flooring choice for both residential and industrial buildings. The epoxy floorings are commonly applied over concrete floors in order to provide the best binding results and attractive surfaces aesthetically.

The term, “epoxy” is referred to a form of catalyzed plastic, which is basically a resin, and commonly a compound of a polyamine and bis phenol-A. The epoxy resin has been invented by Dr. Pierre Castam, a Swiss scientist in year 1930. The polyurethane garage floor coating is generally used for hardening the surface or the floor. A catalytic reaction will occur when the hardener and resin come in contact with one another. They are binding to one another and creating a chemical crosslink, which is high in strength. This binding technology is the reason as to why epoxy coatings can be recoated in a short period.

There are 3 primary kinds of epoxy for flooring. They are a hundred percent sold epoxy, water based epoxy, and solvent based epoxy. Among these three kinds of epoxy, the hundred percent solid type is the best epoxy garage floor because it is performing the best. On the other hand, the solvent and water based epoxies are considered user friendly, but these epoxies are not as durable as the 100% solid types and they cannot be applied as a thick coating. The solid epoxy has the capability of meeting all of the stringent requirements, which should be compiled when designing an industrial floor.

This epoxy is offering outstanding chemical resistance, strong adhesion, and toughness. Moreover, polyurethane garage floor coating is generally heat resistant, waterproof, abrasion resistant, and resistant to action of corrosives like alkalis and acids. They are non-toxic when dry, and they can be used safely even in residential projects and in children play areas. The primary benefit of epoxy floorings is that it only requires minimum maintenance. Concrete floors have to be protected properly. On the other hand, epoxy coating is the best option to offer protection from chemical attack, abrasion, and thermal shock, which are usually experienced in an industrial set up.

With the advent of technology, further innovations have been expected and it is just a matter of time before the best epoxy garage floor solutions find large applications in the residential segment too. Precision Garage Works is a leading industrial polyurethane garage floor coating solution provider in [country/state], offering a large range of solutions through the most technologically advanced equipment and taking pride in high quality output and punctuality.


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